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  • Why mums are the best!

    Mother's day is fast approaching and we thought we'd list 10 reasons Why mums are the best! What would we do without our wonderful Mums? Mums are what make the world go around – they’re the glue that holds this whole world together. We all love our Mums – sometimes we don’t show it enough, so ...

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  • Woolies may be gone, but Worth It is back!

    Yes you read that correctly we've brought the much loved Worth It range back! We tried to recruit Wooly and Worth, unfortunately they turned us down and have taken the decision to retire on a sunny beach. They did however send us this picture to wish us luck. You may remember the well loved WorthIt! ...

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  • Why do we love the Great British Bake Off so much?

    Every year it feels like the 'The Great British Bake Off' gets bigger and bigger, proving that we just can't get enough of this feel good programme and its delicious looking cakes. So before the final tonight we ask why do we love it so much? We done a quick breakdown and here’s our take on the five ...

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  • 11 Reasons To Get Outdoors This Autumn

    Summer is over, well if you can call it a summer! God bless the Great British weather and how unpredictable it is, let's just hope for no snow - at least until Christmas. It's not Christmas yet though it's Autumn, which is the perfect time to get outdoors and explore the great, beautiful, British countryside. To ...

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  • Does where you live decide what fragrance you like?

    We thought it was an interesting question so we did some research, the results surprised us and we believe they'll shock you. We looked at our sales across the UK and it turns out the North/South divide is stronger than ever. The North’s penchant for florals triggered a fragrance sell out, while women ...

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  • Welcome To Our New Website

    Welcome to our new website and blog! After a couple of months of planning, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new website. We wanted a new website to better match our ambition and goals. The idea was to build a site to make it easier to bring you the biggest and best bargains we could find, ...

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