Samsung Solo Microwave Silver

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Boasting 800W of microwaving power, 20 pre–set cooking modes, and 6 handy power levels, this impressive Samsung 23L 800W Solo Microwave Oven offers you true cooking flexibility at the touch of a button. This ultra–efficient unit allows you to replace unhealthy ready meals with convenient homemade food that’s healthy too, thanks to the generous 20 pre–set cooking modes – which allows you to prepare fresh food in minutes!

Thanks to a Triple Distribution System, the Samsung 23L 800W Solo Microwave Oven cooks food perfectly every time – as microwaves are supplied through three slots in the oven cavity for wider coverage, and efficient heat distribution.

The Samsung 23L 800W Solo Microwave Oven features a ceramic enamel interior, which is scratch resistant and easy to clean, thanks to the smooth, anti–bacterial finish – it even prevents discoloration too!

What’s more, the Samsung 23L 800W Solo Microwave Oven even features a handy ECO mode, which dramatically reduces the unit’s power consumption, making it kind to the planet and your wallet too!

Features and Benefits
Easy to clean– Thanks to its ceramic enamel interior, which is anti–bacterial and can be wiped clean with ease.
Triple distribution system– For delicious, perfectly cooked results every time.
Versatile cooking– Boasting 6 handy power levels and an impressive 20 pre–set cooking modes.

Dimensions: H27.5 x W48.9 x D37.4cm
Capacity: 23L
Weight: 12kg
Colour: Silver Tact
Material: Ceramic enamel
Power: 800W
Power levels: 6
Pre–set cooking modes: 20

SKU: 10385143