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We love a bit of ‘Hinching’ around the home. Get organised in a jiffy with these great new storage boxes, which can be labelled with our 4 pack of themed vinyl transfer stickers.

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The power of Zoflora. 5 Hinch inspired tips.


1.Washing machine and dishwasher cleaning

Washing machines and dishwashers can over time harbour harmful bacteria.

Add a capful of Zoflora to your empty dishwasher/washing machine and run through a hot cycle to keep it clean and create a fresh smell.

2.Disinfect dish cloths, mops & sponges

Fill your kitchen sink with hot water, add a capful of Zoflora, add your cloths or kitchen sponges and allow to soak for about 20 minutes. Remember to put your favourite Minky in there too! Wring them out and air dry. Mop heads can be cleaned in the same way. This will help keep them smelling fresh and germ free.

3.Freshen up your fridge

If there is a powerful pong in the fridge from overripe cheese that has seen better days, or a stink from an old cabbage? Fear not, Zoflora can come to the rescue!

Banish the gasps when the fridge door opens with some well diluted Zoflora on a cloth. Don’t go mad though, just enough to neutralise – less is more!

4.Radiant radiators

Add a little Zoflora to your cloth and wipe your radiators. When they next warm up you’ll get your favourite scent around the room.

5.Care for your car

Again with a little Zoflora on your cleaning cloth wipe over the air vents to get a lovely scent the next time you are out for a drive. Cleaning, with the benefits of a little aromatherapy too!

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