Daewoo 3 In 1 Snack Maker

£25.00 £49.99

POWERFUL SNACK MAKER- Our new 3-in-1 Snack Maker and Panini Machine is a powerful and versatile cooking tool, the 750W of power creates perfectly crisp and toasty snacks for you to enjoy
3-in-1 DETACHABLE PLATES- This grill comes with three varieties of detachable non-stick plates which can be used to make triangle toasties, waffles and perfect paninis in the comfort of your home.
NON-STICK MARBLE COATING- Each one of the detachable grill plates is coated in a non-stick surface making item safe and easy to clean, preventing any debris build up inside the plates.
COOL TOUCH HOUSEING- The plastic housing and, handle of this sandwich grill utilises cool touch technology to ensure you are safe and protected whilst cooking, precaution is advised as the grill plates get how whilst in use.
2 INDICATOR LIGHTS CONTROLLED BY THERMOSTAT- Our panini grill is fitted with two pilot indicator lights showing when the grill is on and warming up and when it is ready to use so you know exactly when to put in your food and start cooking.

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