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The cat toy that flips, flops and wiggles like a real fish!
Flippity Fish is a brand-new fun toy that your cat will love! And you will love it too because it comes with its own play fishing rod so you can play ‘catch and chase’ with your feline family friend. Flippity Fish is a realistic-looking toy fish with a cat-safe internal mechanism that, when activated, makes it flip, wiggle, flop and move just like a real fish. Your cat will me mesmerized and enticed to play and will have its natural hunting and pouncing instincts brought out as it tries to jump, catch and flip Flippity Fish. With an internal lithium-ion battery that you can recharge with the USB cable (included) you won’t have to keep buying batteries so you and your cat can have hours of fishy fun! PLUS, there’s even a special pouch that holds catnip (also included), your cat will be in seventh heaven when it’s given this fun, energetic toy that’s also a great exercise for cats of all ages and sizes.
The realistic flopping action attracts your cat’s inner hunter
Your cat may look like a soft, cuddly bundle of fun but it’s also a natural hunter with instincts that go back to the days of its wild ancestors. Once your cat has a chance to exercise these hunting instincts and hone its hunting skills it will be in its element! The chance to hunt, stalk and pounce on a prey as big as this doesn’t come along very often for a modern cat so Flippity Fish is the perfect solution!
Great exercise for cats of all ages
All that jumping, hunting and pouncing play is also a great form of exercise for your cat. So many cats live quite sedentary lives if they aren’t allowed outside so Flippity Fish is a fabulous way to keep your cat fit and happy at the same time! Flippity Fish is great for cats of any age or size because the level of effort they put in is entirely down to them, and you.
Comes with a fishing pole for added fun
Flippity Fish isn’t just a realistic-looking fish, it comes with a toy fishing pole so you can hook it and then dangle it for your cat to chase and play with. It’s a great way to interact with your cat that it will enjoy, and it will also help keep a bored or frustrated cat from clawing your expensive furniture!
Comes with catnip and a refillable pouch
With all that excitement and energy, you still need you cat to be calm and relaxed. The addition of a special pouch for catnip means your cat will be attracted to Flippity Fish and benefit from the relaxing, enjoyable effects while they play. The realistic flopping action attracts your cat’s inner hunter A great distraction from clawing and scratching Great exercise for cats of all ages Comes with a fishing pole for added fun The flipping lasts for 20secs- just tap to reactivate Supervised play. Keep pole away from Children. Do not wave the product in the direction of eyes or face

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