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Hand-held, portable sewing machine for on-the-spot repairs and alterations
Magic Stitch is an incredible hand-held sewing machine that works just like a standard table-mounted machine but is so small and portable you can use it anywhere! Looking no bigger than a stapler, but with the power of a full-sized sewing machine, Magic Stitch can be used for repairing clothes and fabrics on-the-go or even making alterations to clothes while you’re still wearing them! It’s so fast and so easy. Magic Stitch has the precision of a small machine to repair delicate fabrics and the power of a big machine to repair tough fabrics like denim. Take it on holiday, on business trips or just keep it in your bag for family emergencies and repairs. With Magic Stitch you can do the sewing right where it’s needed without having to make room for, and unload, a full-sized machine and then take your fabrics over to it!

Sew like a pro anytime, anywhere!
Magic Stitch Is so easy and quick to use. Just thread the needle with the included needle-threading tool and you’re ready to start sewing! Now you can instantly fix, attach or sew anything from fine fabrics to denim. If you discover a hole in your pocket? Don’t worry- Magic Stitch to the rescue! Now you can repair that pocket without taking your clothes off! Problem solved in just a few stitches.

Fits in your handbag to take with you
Magic stitch is battery-powered and totally cordless so you can use it anywhere, anytime. Magic Stitch is also lightweight and portable so you can take it to work or on vacation, or carry it with you when visiting for those everyday emergencies. If you love to make crafts, you’re going to love the convenience of Magic stitch! Fix broken straps in a snap, repair clothing and garments or even hanging curtains right where they are!

Uses mini spools or standard-sized reels
Magic Stitch comes complete with 3 mini spools of thread, but if you attach the included extension spindle you can any use any of the larger standard spools in any colour you want! Whether you are just a beginner, a master seamstress or just need something handy for those quick fixes, Magic Stitch is the perfect household sewing tool for you. Sew like a pro- anytime, anywhere! Fits in your handbag to take with you Battery-powered and cordless Uses mini spools or standard-sized reels Fix delicate fabrics, hems, seams, tears, cuffs and more! This is not a toy. Keep this away from children. Read instructions provided before use and retain for future. Take care to fit batteries correctly. Always make sure the battery compartment is secure. If not in use for long periods of time; please remove the batteries. 4 x AA (not included)

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