Orbeez Wowzer Surprise Garden

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Tucked away in Wow World, beyond the Magic Mountains, and past the Sherbet Skies, lies the Garden of Wonder! A glittering land teaming with excitement & possibility, where the most down-to-earth Wowsers reside. Early to bed, early to rise, they love to take naps in the flower beds, and dance & sing to the sun. The Garden of Wonder is a magical place where friendship & love grow with every bloom! There's lots of magical surprises to be had with Wowser Surprise Pets! Unwrap, then just add water to reveal you surprise pet! Twist the handle, to make your pet spin. Then you can hide your pet by removing the water and wow your friends too! There's lots to collect: Breeze, Vine, Juniper, Blossom, plus more! Will you find the super rare surprise pet?

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