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The Rolson 50535 5m Measuring tape comes packed with features that make it incredible value and a very versatile product. It is a great addition to any toolkit. It comes with a belt clip and carries a handle for convenient storage. It has both imperial and metric measurements. for both internal and external distances. The strong resilient case has drop and knock protection as well as 2 locking systems. A strong 19mm coated blade makes it easy to bring and store back into the case. It has approximately a 1.8m standout.
LENGTH: 5m Long maximum measuring distance
BEND RESISTANCE- 19mm coated tape blade ensures consistent standout of up to 1.8m
SELF RETRACTING – Strong spring for self-retracting the tape into the body for protection
ACCURATE – True zero end hook for accurate measuring of internal and external distances
TOUGH-Impact resistant strong plastic housing with rubber outer cover
LOCKABLE – Thumb operated positive lock for fixing
EASY TO CARRY – comes with fitted belt clip on reverse
CLEAR NUMBERING – low reflective blade surface reduces glare with large numbers for easy reading
RIVETTED END CATCH – The 3-rivet, corrosion-resistant hook is tough and strong for a long lasting lifetime
BLADE – blade is 19mm wide and coated with a gloss coating for longevity and resilience
PRODUCT SIZE-Dimensions (cm): 4 X 9 X 7.5
HOUSING – built-in shock-absorbing blade return bumper
QUICK-LOCK – on the underside of the unit is a quick lock for locking with grip pressure only.
MEASUREMENT- Both Imperial and Metric marking with common standard markings.

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