Silentnight Superwash DuPont Pillows 4pk

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The Superwash pillows by Silentnight offer the perfect combination of hygiene and comfort, for a fresh feeling, night after night. Machine Washable at 60°C, so you can rest assured knowing most bacteria and virus molecules have been removed. The soft, supportive pillows will remain fresh and clean after each wash whilst retaining its softness and bounce for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Silentnight are the UK’s most trusted sleep brand with over 70 years’ experience in creating products to help the whole family get that ‘great sleep’ feeling.

PIllow dimension (each) - 70cm x 46cm 

MACHINE WASHABLE: Specially designed to withstand repeated machine washing at 60°C to ensure your pillows stay fresh and bacteria free while retaining all of their softness and bounce, wash after wash.
BACTERIA BUSTER: Washing at temperatures to 60 °C, to ensure most virus and bacteria molecules are killed and removed, enabling a fresh and hygienic sleep night after night.
MEDIUM SUPPORT: Bouncy, soft fibres give you medium support.
DUPONT FIBRES: Filled with soft and bouncy DuPont™ fibres for superior comfort.
HYPOALLERGENIC: Does not include any materials likely to cause allergies.
MADE IN THE UK: Proudly made in Manchester, UK.
QUALITY GUARANTEED: 2 year manufacturer’s peace of mind guarantee.

 Price per unit - £5.00


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