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STRONG AS AN OX EPOXY RESIN is a multi-purpose, 2-part epoxy resin and epoxy hardener. Quick setting and super strong, ideal for use on metal, wood, ceramics, glass, fibreglass and most plastics. Hardens in minutes creating a tough, rigid, high-strength bond.

1. Roughen, clean and dry all surfaces to be bonded.
2. Turn nozzle end up and pull plunger back approx. 3mm, allowing air bubbles to rise to the top. Cut nozzles off with scissors being careful to avoid leakage.
3. Remove plastic cap preventing plunger being pushed inwards. Push plunger to dispense equal amounts of resin/hardener onto a disposable surface (e.g., cardboard). Pull back plunger to stop flow. Place plastic cap onto open nozzle ends to prevent further release of contents.
4. Thoroughly mix resin/hardener with a stirrer for 1 minute then apply to surfaces to be repaired/bonded and hold firmly in place for 6 minutes to allow the product to set. Maximum strength will be achieved after approx. 1 hour.
5. After use, wipe nozzles clean and replace plastic cap immediately. Store in a cool, dry place.

CAUTION: Not recommended for use with flexible materials (e.g., polypropylene). If in doubt, always test on a small inconspicuous area first. Low atmospheric temperatures will lengthen drying times.
Not recommended for use above 60°C.

Recycle packaging where possible.

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