Baby Product Buying Guide

Su PaverMar 31, '21

Knowing what to buy or what not to buy for your baby is an important part of parenting. Although sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Our baby buying guide will help you navigate the world of baby products, arm you with helpful information to aid your purchase decisions and to help you find products that suit your lifestyle and your budget.

Baby Monitors

Buying a good baby monitor will bring you peace of mind when your baby is sleeping. They are invaluable, freeing you up to move around the house whilst your baby sleeps. Most baby monitors will have two parts, a base unit which should sit near the baby’s bed and a parent unit which is for use on-the-go and to keep with you as you move around your home.

There are a huge variety of baby monitors from basic to more sophisticated models, so it’s best to have a think about what you really need as well as what suits your budget. The main options to consider are:

Range: Opt for a monitor with good range to allow you to freely move around your home without losing signal. Monitors can usually range up to 300 metres, depending on the make and model.

Sound: Look for good digital sound quality to reduce interference.

Video: Some monitors include video, which is a nice option to have should you wish to see your baby at all times. Look for low-light quality of the picture.

Wireless & Cordless: Look out for one where the parent unit is cordless and features a belt clip to free up your hands. Ideal if you want to move from room to room.

Visual Sound Indicator: Some monitors come equipped with sound activated light indicators which flash when noise is detected. A good addition to sound, if you are busy doing household chores whilst your baby is in the bedroom.

Room Temperature Display: Keeping the baby’s room at a safe temperature is always advised. Look out for a model which includes a temperature display to give you peace of mind.

Other monitor features which can be of benefit include music and soothing sounds, a nightlight and a remote control, but of course these added extras can come with a price tag, so have a think if you really need or would benefit from these added extras.

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Portable Seating, Boosters & Highchairs

Opting for a portable seat for feeding your baby or toddler can make things a little easier, especially when eating out or visiting friends and family, leaving you free to enjoy your own meal. It also takes away any worry about adequate seating provisions for your baby or toddler when on-the-go. There are 4 main types to choose from:

Travel Highchair: Similar to a normal highchair, but without the long legs. It sits and straps on to a normal dining chair, and usually folds away to a more portable size.

Booster Seat: An easy to carry option, a booster also straps on to a dining chair but gives your child a boost in height to reach the table at the same time. Opt for an easily foldable design that is ideal for on-the-go.

Fabric Seat Harness: Essentially this type of seat is a piece of fabric you put around your baby with a clip restraint at the back of the chair. They are easily foldable but does not give your baby a boost in height.

Clamp-On Seat: These seats clamp onto the table rather than attach to a chair. They fold down to a more compact size, are unlikely to damage your table but be aware this type of seat does not fit every table, including glass tables.

Consider your lifestyle when choosing, do you like to eat out a lot and need a flexible option that works at a range of places? Does your child need some extra height? Is it foldable and how you will carry it especially if you do not drive? These are all valid considerations to help you make your decision.

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Baby Bouncers & Rockers

A baby bouncer can be super useful to help your baby feel independent and part of the action, as well provide soothing motion to help your baby stay calm and an easy place for them to drift off to sleep. The main things to consider when choosing a baby bouncer or rocker are:

Electric or Not Electric: If you’re looking for a chair that will provide your baby with some level of stimulation such as vibration, speed variations, lights and music options, then an electric bouncer will be best. However, if you are simply looking for a safe seat for baby that bounces or rocks from side-to-side then it’s best to stick with non-electric.

Safety: Look out for bouncers and rockers with a harness or safety strap to give your baby security and added peace of mind for yourself. Consider if it has a sturdy base and won’t be knocked over easily as well as huggers for smaller babies and newborns.

Space: If you are tight on space, opt for a bouncer or rocker option that you can easily store away without any hassle. Some can be quite bulky so consider your living space before purchasing.

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Night Lights & Light Projectors

Night lights can soon become a child’s (and parents) best friend, they are designed to illuminate a room with a soft glow and promote relaxation. Overall, they provide a helping hand to comfort your baby, set the mood for a bedtime routine and help soothe them to sleep.

Consider if your baby needs a night light, and always opt for a portable solution you can easily move from room to room if required and take on-the-go if staying with friends or family, or going on holiday. There are a number of options you can choose from that vary by style and features including:

Light Projector: Night time projectors can create a strong aesthetic effect in a room, from a wide range of displays – stars, animals and bubbles to name a few. Many come with colour changing features, night lights, timers, soothing sounds and music to aid relaxation and soothe your baby.

Sun Clock: A simple and fun colour changing solution to help children and babies recognise when it’s time to go to sleep and time to wake up. Many come equipped with icons, timers and soothing sounds.

Wall Plug-in Light: These types of lights often come in a variety of shapes, colours and characters and are attached to an electrical plug you can put them  straight into a wall socket. A good low cost option if you are on a budget. Although, additional features such as music and projection are limited.

Temperature Monitor: Almost an accidental night light, with it’s primary function being to gage room temperature, there are a number that provide light and change colour too.

Baby Monitor: Many baby monitors can give off a subtle glow or light which can double up as a night light of sorts.

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Everyday Baby Essentials

Our baby range is now available in 132 stores nationwide, and not only includes baby monitors, night light projectors and booster seats but also includes everyday baby essentials to keep you going from one day to the next. The baby essentials range boasts leading brands Aptamil, Pampers, Cow & Gate and Johnsons. From nappies, dummies, baby bottles, formula milk and baby food to bedding, changing mats and baby bath time items, such as baby baths, wipes, baby shampoo and more – all with up to 70% off the RRP.

Baby Brand Logos

In summary…

There certainly is a lot to think about as you prepare for your baby’s arrival or for your little ones who are already here, and it can seem like a daunting task. Use this easy-to-follow guide to help you discover what you may still need or to arm you will useful information to aid your decision. Always consider your needs as well as baby’s, both are equally important and not mutually exclusive. Considering the space in your home, your lifestyle as well as your budget for bigger ticket items is key to ensure you purchase products that are useful to YOU! Plus, benefit from our everyday baby essentials range in-store, featuring big brands at low prices.


*Pricing taken from Asda website on 30/03/21.