Beat The Chill

Su PaverJan 15, '21

Winter makes most of us want to snuggle up in bed but sadly, hibernating as such isn’t really an option – instead keeping your home cosy is essential to help you beat the winter chill.

If you’re looking for small steps to make your home that little bit toastier there are plenty of things you can do to prevent unwanted drafts and create a warm environment. Follow our simple guide on how to keep your house warm in winter, just a few easy to follow tips and tricks to keep you and your family snug as a bug.


1. Heating

Portable heaters can help turn a chilly room into a place of comfort when the cold weather begins to bite. Look for an option that works for you from portable Electric Heaters, Oil Free Heaters, Fan Heaters to energy efficient Oil Filled Heaters. 

Beat the Chill Portable Heaters


2. Grab a Hot Water Bottle

If you’re getting cold in bed at night, then fill up a hot water bottle and place it under your duvet and bedding at the foot of your bed to keep your feet warm!

Hot Water Bottles


3. Try a Shelf

Adding a floating shelf above a radiator can help stop the heat from rising too quickly and help keep your home that bit warmer for longer. But be sure to not put anything on the shelf that could get damaged by the heat! 

Also keep an eye out for our up-coming blog about On-Trend Shelf Etiquette - coming soon! 

Add a floating shelf


4. Keep Out the Draft

Cut down on mini drafts! You can lose a lot of heat through cat or doggy doors. Trying sealing around the cat door frame to mitigate this. We are not DIY experts, so please get the appropriate advise (and as they say always read the instructions)! 


5. Candles and Lighting

Using candles and lighting is a great way to create that warm and cosy feeling. Whether you're working, taking time to relax or cleaning lighting a candle can make all the difference and give a warm ambient feeling and leave your home smelling gorgeous. We are loving Woodwick and Yankee Candle at the moment. Alternatively try an LED candle to give warm flickering light too. 

Yankee Candles