Biggest Food Trends of 2020-21

Adam WilkinsonJul 20, '21

Over the past year many people have found food more important than ever whether that means cooking more at home, trying new recipes, cooking for pleasure, meal kits or ordering more take-out. If like us you’re obsessed with foodie trends such as whipped coffee and sourdough bread then here is our take on the biggest food trends hitting the country by storm from virtual cooking classes to letterbox cocktails. Take a peek and shake up your mealtime with a new trend!  

Take and Bake Kits

With the rise of the pandemic we saw people channelling their inner Mary Berry and trying home baking kits delivered to your home. Savoury and sweet treats assembled and ready to prove and bake at home so you can enjoy them straight out of the oven. Ideal for a weekend treat or family get togethers. Some of our favourites include Gail’s Bake At Home Cinnamon Buns, for £16 or Gail’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough, for £12.

Gail's Bake At Home Cinnamon Buns

Meal Kits

Meal kits such as Gusto Box and Hello Fresh have hit the world by storm, allowing people to easily enjoy homemade meals. Many are customisable and allow you to choose those recipes and ingredients that you most like to whip up in the kitchen. With all the ingredients in the right quantities delivered direct to your door means less waste, whilst being good for your wallet. Even popular and Michelin star restaurants have embraced lock-down and now provide their very own meal kits.

Meal Kits Delivered

Take Away Cocktails

As the pandemic hit, major cities around the world embraced the take-away cocktail or “walktail”, and even the “boxtail”, letter box cocktails by post by brands such as NIO Cocktails. What a great idea right?! So, you can now savour expertly crafted, ready-to-drink cocktails without leaving the house. Think entertaining friends without the hard work! They make a great gift too. 

Nio Letterbox Cocktails Delivered


Nigella Lawson strikes again, as she brings rise to the Fish Finger Bhorta by a sheer mention in her latest TV series. It’s the fusion of a traditional Bangladeshi side dish of lightly friend vegetables and spices and the humble fish finger. Fans have been sharing this game changing recipe hailing it the ultimate comfort food that you can eat straight from the pan. Find Nigella's recipe on BBC Food

Nigella's Fish Finger Bhorta

Virtual Cooking Glasses

Looking for fun, safe and virtual date night options became the norm after hours of trivia and quizzes over zoom with family and friends. In 2020, people welcomed virtual classes from exercise to cooking. Everybody from famous chefs, restaurants and celebrities were taking to Instagram Live and Youtube to post and hold virtual cook-a-long classes. We love Nisha Parmar Masterchef Semi-Finalist and her lives on Instagram.

Nisha Parma Masterchef Semi-FInalist

Home-Made Pasta

Comfort food become the name of the game in 2020, a.k.a carbs! It seems everyone were and continue to turn their hand to making their own delicious pasta from scratch. The possibilities are endless including vegan or gluten-free and hanging home-made spaghetti all over the kitchen! Even if you’ve resisted the urge, this is a trend we highly recommend. Choose from hand rolled to using a pasta machine, either way give it a go!

 Homemade Pasta

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