Get Garden Ready for Spring! 🌸 🌿 🌼

Adam WilkinsonFeb 23, '21

For the green-fingered and gardening novices alike… from pruning to decorating!

The new growing season starts soon, and spring will be here before you know it so to make sure your blooms and branches look their best this spring, it’s time to get your hands dirty and get your garden preparation work in as early as possible. Don your gardening gloves, some warm clothes and brave the cold February weather. Follow our top three tips to get your garden ready for spring.

Yet it is not all about growing season and green-fingered gardeners, enjoying your garden is the key. If your garden is looking a little lacklustre and in need of some TLC, read on for our great ideas to spruce things up with our garden decoration ideas in time for summer entertaining and sunbathing!

Prepare your garden for spring…

1. The clean up

Have a general tidy up, remove debris, rake leave and pull out any weeds. Remember to put your weeds in the bin and not on your compost heap as the seeds will grow and will cause you more weed problems later. Remove any winter protection from trees and shrubs too.

Plants Bulbs

2. Prep the soil

Soil takes quite a beating in the harsh winter weather, so it’s time to start aerating it, if not too wet. Grab a garden spade or fork and start digging and turning it over adding plenty of organic matter as you go, this will make it much easier to plant your seeds and bulbs. Dig out any perennial weeds and roots before you add mulch or bark chippings. 



3. Prune your plants

Early spring is the perfect time to prune plants and remove any plants that didn’t survive the winter. Take a pair of sheers or a pruner and spend some time trimming back damaged shrubs and hedging by pruning them into shape to promote new growth.

Garden Decoration Ideas…

1. Place pots and planters

Add beautiful decorative touches to your garden with planters and pots. Adding charm and character as your flowers start to bloom.


2. Brighten up flower beds

Placing torches and lanterns along your flower bed or garden path will provide extra ambient lighting for those summer nights in the garden. To bring some extra colour to the garden plant some seeds and bulbs for those gorgeous blooms!

3. Let there be light on the patio

Solar lights are an easy and inexpensive way to brighten your decking or patio. Why not try solar powered fairy lights in a glass jar (a kitchen staple) for a dainty pretty glow over your garden after dark.

 Fairy Lights

4. Fake it to make it

Buying plants for your garden can be hit and miss, but you can add instant greenery with no water required! Don’t be afraid to add both real and artificial plants to waken up your garden and add a pop of colour. Even the most eagle-eyed gardeners will be fooled.

5. Create a cosy seating area

If you’re short on space, six-seater patio sets are probably out of the question but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable. With the right outdoor furniture, even the smallest of gardens can seem bigger. Try adding a bench or couple of single chairs to your garden instead, spacing saving and ideal for an afternoon pimms in the sunshine.

Garden Bench

6. Bring the inside outdoors

Dress your deck and cosy up on the patio with colourful cushions, throws and rugs, perfect for when you’re entertaining guests. Doubling up also makes the outdoors an extension of your indoor style and living space. It’s oh so on trend right now and ideal for a budget-conscious look.

7. Attract some feathered friends

Help our feathered friends to thrive by adding a bird feeder as an attractive addition to your garden. The simple solution is to hang up a peanut or seed feeder; a large number of birds eat seeds so this is a good place to start.

Bird Feeders

8. Breathe new life into old pots

Transform old terracotta pots into new pretty planters! Try painting and tying on some twine or perhaps stencilling on a design. Painting pots with chalk paint and adding a personal message, adds a fun and cute twist. Why not gild on some gold leaf for touch of luxury or re-purpose decorative dishes into mosaic tile pieces which you can easily affix. The possibilities are endless.

Transform your old pots

9. Bring the outside in

Plants are not just for the garden, try some easy to care for indoor plants such as aloe vera, succulents, peace lily, spider plant or bamboo. For areas with little natural daylight opt for a faux plant instead (no one will know!). Try grouping them together on a shelf to create a feature. Read our Shelf Etiquette Blog.

10. Accessories and finishing touches

Add some personality to your outdoor space with garden ornaments and garden wall art. Whether you’re a fan of gnomes, animal ornaments or buddhas, garden accessories can really add to the overall theme. Hanging baskets are a great choice for smaller gardens and help add a splash of colour!

Garden Ornaments

 Happy gardening all!