Home Décor Ideas: New Trends & Tips

Su PaverMar 17, '21

Our homes should be an evolving mix of all the things we love but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or the latest trends. Although let’s be honest everything designed for our homes is somehow influenced by a wider trend, there is no escaping that truth. But rather than changing your décor entirely and throwing out all your family heirlooms, updating your home with key colours and pieces can really compliment the items that are important to you.

Calming neutrals, soft shades, earth tones, simple shapes and textures can breathe new life into any living space, adding freshness and comfort at the same time. From neutrals and the pared back Scandi look to fresh spring forals, today we are sharing some tips and tricks to transform your home from eclectic and unkept to relaxed and zen.

The first thing you need to know is, there are 4 key looks which make up the neutrals trends:

New Neutrals: Simplicity and sophistication are the key factors here but neutral does not have to be bland. When decorating with a neutral colour scheme it’s important to bring in a variety of patterns and textures. Offset rough with soft, shiny with matte and coarse with smooth to create depth and interest. Reflective surfaces and natural wood add will add much needed contrast.

New Neutral Trend

Spring Florals: Opting for florals can often be mistaken for big, bold and brash but you can usher in the spring through your home décor with breezy pastels and pops of colour without it looking chintzy. To achieve this look, use pastel toned furnishings with accents of floral pattern and bight colours. Bring the inside in with a mix of fresh and faux plants and garden or nature inspired framed pictures to waken your space.

Spring Florals Home Trend - Home décor lifestyle image

Coastal & Nautical: To set the record straight coastal is not the same as nautical but the two looks can co-exist. This seaside inspired look is all about vibrant blues and crisp whites to create a relaxed and airy feel to your home. Woven textures and accents of wood add warmth. You can add in shells but the trick is to stay away from anything to cliched. You do not have to go full out seaside, simply adopt blue and white hues for a take on this trend. 

Coastal & Nautical Homeware Look

Scandi: Bang on trend, the Scandinavian look is inspired by the need for light and allowing natural light to bounce around the room. Clean lines are important for this look. Work with a light colour palette where white is key, add toned down neutral greys and soft duck egg blues as accents. Incorporate natural finishes through light wood and texture through soft home furnishings. A great motto to live by for this look is to “assess a finished room and then take one thing away”.

Scandinavian Home Trend

Now you have the basic principles, whichever trend you opt for our helpful tips below will help you keep your home looking cool, calm and collected and see your through all four timeless neutral home décor trends.

1. Keep It Simple

The key to mastering the neutrals trend is to keep it simple, stripped back, creating light and adding statement pieces such an elegant floor standing lamp or an over-sized rug.

2. Invest in Bed Linen

The easiest, quickest and most cost-effective way to adopt any trend is to update your bedding. Add scatter cushions and a throw for creating a soft look.

 Bed & Bedding

3. Layer in Texture

Add interest by layering in different textures through soft furnishing, furniture and accessories. Without these elements a room will come across as flat. The key is balance textural elements and not over do it, think contrast such as a smooth satin cushion next to a velvet one to offset and add a tactile appeal. Texture can also be achieved through simple storage and baskets.

Storage Solutions and Cushions

4. Create Accents & Focal Points

Adding accent colours can take a room to a whole new level and provide a sense of warmth and calm. You can achieve this through wall colour and pops of colour through home furnishing and accessories such as towels in a bathroom. Although remember to keep to variants of the original colour palette with a small amount of contrast. 

Towels as Colour Accents in the Bathroom

5. Geo-Metric Shapes & Pattern

Treat this tip with care, a misuse of pattern can over stimulate the senses and over-whelm a space. Pattern introduced through bedding and cushions work well. Patterned rugs and geometric throws can add that much needed pop to balance the colour and space. Great for rented accommodation.

6. Remember Yellow is Neutral

Sunny yellows, pastel lemons and ochres are all part of the neutral colour palette but the trick is how you use them. Use them sparingly to add a pop of colour or to brighten up a dark corner.

7. Wood Is A New Neutral

The natural pattern and textures in wood work well in the neutral trend, by adding much needed warmth and depth. Opt for pine and oak tones, a little can go a long way. A touch of brass or copper works just as well. Try wood staining existing furniture for quick and affordable update. Image by M&S.

Wood is a New Neutral - Wood Shelving Unit

8. Add Coloured Glass & Vases

Using soft coloured glass or grey toned vases can create an atmosphere of sophistication. Grey and white are flexible shades that can work in just about any room, even the kitchen

9. Add Some Greenery

Brining the outside in is currently a huge trend. Add depth and dimension to a room by adding a few leafy plants in unexpected places. Incorporate on your shelves to break up books and magazines. Try adding a few branches to coloured glass vases for a stunning effect and place at varying heights to make a room feel taller. Both real and faux plants will work!

3 House Plants in Pots
You can keep it fresh and add some lively nature and modern botanical prints to your home too. Plant based artwork is another simple and effective way to bring the outside in and fill your home with a bit of greenery. 
Botanical & Nature Inspired Framed Artwork

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