How To: DIY Christmas Centre Pieces

Parveen ChandiOct 12, '22

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Shops are already adorned with Christmas decorations and gifts, and the festive feeling is starting to set in. A few things will automatically come to mind when thinking about the holidays, like Christmas trees and magical lights to festive inflatables and charming tableware to help set the joyous scene. But the real showstopper for every well-designed Christmas table is the centre piece. So why not flex your creative muscles with two of our favourite DIY centre piece ideas we’ve rounded up, from tasteful and traditional to colourful and quirky. A fab way to get into the festive spirit, and the perfect pastime to enjoy with the kids on a cold winter’s day.

Festive Luminary Centre Piece

Festive Luminary Christmas Centre Piece  What you’ll need: Clear glass jars, Epsom salts, Mod podge or PVA glue, brush to apply the glue, candles or tea lights or battery-operated string lights, twine, berries and artificial stems or foliage to decorate.

How To Make:

  1. Clean and thoroughly dry the glass jars.
  2. Cover just over 2/3 of the outside of the glass jars with PVA glue (or mod podge).
  3. Roll the glue covered jars in Epsom salt. Ensure the jars are covered well to give a frosted and snowy look.
  4. Let the jars dry for at 1 hour or so. Check and allow to dry for longer if required.
  5. Tie your twine around the top of the jars and add your decoration (use glue if needed, but allow time to dry)
  6. Place your candles, tea lights or string lights inside the jar and place on your table.

Top Tip 1: Use glass jars of varying sizes to create visual appeal in the centre of the table

Top Tip 2: Use clippings of fresh flowers and stems from the garden if preferred

Top Tip 3: Decorate as you wish! Switch it up to get different effects such as a sting of mini baubles instead of twine and stems.

Top Tip 4: Instead of Epsom salts, try different coloured tissue paper and layer on for a colourful alternate. Kids will love this once (hello “paper mâché”).

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Rhinestone Christmas Tree Cones

 Rhinestone Christmas Tree Cones

What you’ll need: Mache cones (can be found online or in a crafts store), acrylic paint, paint brushes, rhinestones (variety of sizes and colours) and a glue gun.

How To Make:

  1. Paint the cones with the acrylic paint in your desired colours. Apply a second coat if needed to ensure the cone is properly covered. All to fully dry.
  2. Once the glue gun has heated up and ready to use, start gluing on the rhinestones to the painted cones, around 1/3 of the way up. Let some rhinestones drift up the cones too.
  3. Remove any stray glue strings left behind from the glue gun and allow to dry.

Top Tip 1: Pick a colour scheme and coordinate your rhinestones accordingly.

Top Tip 2: Use sequins, glitter or buttons instead of rhinestones if desired. Alternatively decorate as you wish with decorations of your choice.

Top Tip 3: It goes without saying, the glue gun will get hot, so be sure to take care when using it and gluing on the rhinestones.

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