How To: Make A Christmas Wreath

Parveen ChandiOct 19, '21

Christmas decorations are one of the most festive elements of the seasonal celebration. A Christmas wreath is a great way to give passers-by and guests a warm welcome and to bring some festive cheer to your front door; or as a great centre piece to take pride of place in the living room. Making your own, is a fun craft project and an easy way to show some creativity. Bring the outdoors in with traditional lush greenery, or something more contemporary and colourful, there is no limitation to how creative you can be. Follow this easy 6 step guide to making your own wreath at home. The basic principles are the same regardless of what theme or decoration you choose.

What you will need for a more traditional wreath:

Wreath ring, florist wire (or thin gardening wire), twine, evergreen foliage (such as ivy, conifers, moss), decorative stems, flowers, pinecones and berries, secateurs or strong scissors and glue.

Top Tip: Use artificial moss, stems, flowers and berries. These are relatively inexpensive and look just as good. Alternatively have a forage on your winter walks or cut from the garden.

What You Need To Make A Wreath

How To:

1. Prepare the base: Attach one end of the wire to the wreath ring. Next secure bundles of bunched up moss or twine to the frame by wrapping the wire around them. Moss or twine will give much needed depth to the wreath.

2. Attach the stems: Start by securing flowers and foliage stems using the wire. Overlap the stems and use bunches of stems to avoid gaps. Continue until the entire ring is covered.

Making A Christmas Wreath

3. Add the ribbon: Attach a ribbon by doubling it around your wreath under the foliage, leaving it long enough to attached to your door.

4. Secure the stems: Wrap extra twine and wire around the stems and tie, cutting away any extra if you need to. Depending on how thick your evergreen foliage is, you may wrap the wire around 2-3 times.

5. Add decoration: Add your chosen berries, pinecones, flowers and other chosen seasonal touches. These can be attached with twine or with glue.

Top Tip: Add fake snow, paint or add touches of gold, silver and glitter to your chosen pinecones, berries and other decoration for a more festive touch.

6. Trim the wreath: Trim and loose bits and tie pieces of ribbon for extra texture if you wish.

The festive theme really is up to you, so don’t limit your imagination. Here is a round-up of some of our favourites:

Bauble Wreath

Wreath made of baubles

Autumn Wreath Made Of Ribbons

Autumn Wreath Made Of Ribbons

Contemporary Wreath With Bells

Contemporary Wreath With Bells

Gold Embellished Wreath

Gold Embellished Wreath

Contemporary Silver Leaf Wreath

Contemporary Silver Left Wreath

Floral Berry Wreath

Floral Berry Wreath

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