How To: Crafts for Adults

Su PaverJul 29, '21

Why should kids have all the fun when it comes to arts and crafts projects? Getting crafty is the perfect way to relax and to express your creativity. We’ve all seen the rise in adult colouring books over the past few years, but why stop there. Crafts for adults are the perfect pastime, great for home décor, gifts and sheer entertainment. Whether you’re a novice or experienced crafter, inspire your creativity with our top 3 craft ideas you’ll want to turn into a new hobby.

Candle Making

Effortlessly customisable and a popular choice for home décor, it’s easy to make scented candles at home.

Homemade Candle

What You Need: Candle Making Wax, Large Candle Wicks, Bottle of Fragrance Oil or Essentials Oil, Spatula, Heat Proof Container, Pencils, Wax Crayons or Dried Petals (optional)

Step 1: Attach the wick to the bottom of your chosen container by dipping the end of the wick into the melting wax (in step 2) and quickly sticking it to the bottom of the container. Alternatively  use super glue.

Step 2: Measure how much wax you need to fill your container, then double it.

Step 3: Melt the wax over a low heat (for around 10 minutes), stir frequently.

Step 4: Once the wax is melted, add the fragrance oil of your choice (a few drops should do it).

Step 5: Let the melted wax cool for just a few minutes (to 140 degrees) and then poor into the container.

Step 6: Secure the wick by placing 2 pencils flat across the top of the container and sandwich the wick in-between so that it stays centred while the wax hardens. Alternatively use a clothes peg.

Candle Making At Home

Step 7: Allow to cool for at least 4 hours. Once hardened trim the wick so it is less than half an inch long.

Optional Extras: Add your dried petals to the sides of the container before pouring in the wax in step 5. For a colourful candle add chopped up wax crayons to your melting wax during step 3.


Ice Lolly Cake Pops

Fun, easy to whip up in the kitchen and great for parties. Enjoy making them with the kids.

White Chocolate Cake Pops

What You Need: White Chocolate (or Deco Melts), Cupcakes, Buttercream, Sprinkles, Lolly Sticks.

Step 1: In a bowl, crumble cupcakes into fine crumbs.

Step 2: Stir in buttercream a spoon at a time until the mixture is thick and combined. The mixture should hold together when squeezed in your hand.

Step 3: Line a baking tray with grease proof paper. Then divide the mixture into equal amounts and mould into ice lolly shapes.

Step 4: Lay them down on the lined tray and insert a lolly stick into each one.

Step 5: Next put the tray in the freezer for about an hour (until solid).

Step 6: Melt the white chocolate and dip the cake pops into the chocolate. Lay back down on the tray to set.

Step 7: Add sprinkles whilst still wet and allow to cool.


No Sew Party Bunting

Bunting never fails to add some charm whatever the occasion. Try this quick and easy version with no sewing required!

No Sew Colourful Bunting

What You Need: Double Hemming Tape, Scissors, Selection of Cotton Fabric Pieces, Satin Ribbon.

Step 1: Cut your chosen number of triangles from the selection of fabric. Try to include different patterns such as floral, polka dots and stripes. Stick a particular colour theme.

Step 2: Attach each triangle to a length of ribbon (about 5cm apart) using double sided hemming tape.


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