How To: Care for Your Garden Furniture

Adam WilkinsonJun 10, '21

Keep your garden tables and chairs looking perfect this summer. Garden furniture can last for years if it’s cared for correctly. The type of material our furniture is made from will ultimately determine how best to look after it. From wood to metal and even rattan tables and chairs, our guide will help you keep your outdoor furniture looking as good as new so you can enjoy it season after season.

Wooden Furniture

Hardwoods are naturally weather resistant and produce natural oils. The natural oil content makes wooden pieces easier to look after, as you can keep them outside throughout the seasons no matter what the weather. Although, you will need to give it a helping hand to make sure it remains in the best possible condition.

Wooden Garden Furniture

How to care for it:

For general care, give your wooden furniture a clean with hot soapy water or a hardwood cleaning fluid, followed by a thorough rinse. This will help remove dirt, pollution and algae to restore it’s surface and enable it to last longer.

Finish off with wood oil. Make sure the wood is completely dry before applying. You can also opt to paint your furniture using a good wood paint to give it a complete re-fresh and new look with a splash of colour. You’ll need a round 2-3 coats to achieve a professional finish.


Metal Furniture

The good news is metal furniture such as a garden bench need little attention. Wrought iron and steel furniture is generally given a hardwearing finish or some sort of anti-rust treatment to prolong it’s life and durability against the elements. Although, we can’t guarantee is won’t corrode, but the occasional shower shouldn’t harm it.

Metal Steel Lattice Garden Bench

How to care for it:

In most cases, give metal furniture a clean with hot soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth, otherwise it could scratch the finish. If rust has already set in, you can remove it using some steel wool, then touch up the area with outdoor metal paint in the same colour and finish.

Top Tip: An easy way to extend the lifespan of your metal furniture is by polishing it in car wax after you’ve cleaned it. The wax will make it more water resistant and give extra protection against the elements.


Rattan & Woven Furniture

Most woven garden furniture is made from synthetic material, making it weather-proof as well as tear resistant. It’s a low maintenance option with next to no care required, making it an ideal choice for your home and garden. Although you’ll probably need to pay more attention to the framework on rattan chairs and rattan tables.

Rattan Tables & Chairs, Garden Furniture

How to care for it:

You can pressure hose on a low pressure setting, easy! Alternatively give it a clean with hot soapy water and a sponge. Woven material cleaners are available, but not necessary as soap and water will do the trick. If your woven furniture has metal framework and legs, then simply follow the Metal Furniture care instructions to keep it in top condition.


Parasols & Cushions

Parasols are bound to get wet now and again, but the good news is you can leave them out to dry. Although, be sure to take them down and store in a safe location during high winds and throughout winter.

Garden Cushions / Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Garden cushions on the other hand, should not be left out in the rain and instead stored in a dry place. You can sponge clean with upholstery cleaner or shampoo but be sure to read the care instructions first. Avoid placing cushions in polythene bags, as mould could develop and ruin your cushions.

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