Kitchen Storage Solutions & Ideas

Adam WilkinsonApr 22, '21

 The kitchen may well just be the busiest room in any house, and making your space work smarter, not harder is key to an organised kitchen. If you’re lacking on storage space, it’s time to trick the cabinets with a few space saving solutions and re-think those nooks and crannies to take your space to the max.

We’ve chosen some of our favourite affordable home storage solutions, tips and tricks to help organise, de-clutter and cut down on waste without compromising on style.

Make the Most of Unused Corners

Even when it seems as if you've used every square inch of space, there is almost always a wall or nook with storage potential. Corners in kitchens should never be ignored. They provide a sneaky space for storage and are a great place to display cookbooks and crockery. Make use of even the slimmest spaces by installing shelves that fit snug between two walls. Accessorised correctly, it will be an attractive feature as well as a functional one.

Kitchen Shelving Corner Ideas

Turn One Shelf into Two

If you are short on space that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your love of mugs and dishes. You can increase the functionality of cabinet space with the use of wire racks and wire shelf risers to create extra shelf space giving you even more room to store all of your dishware. A corner plate rack is perfect for small kitchens as a space-saving solution to keep the contents neat and well-organised. It sits in the corner of your kitchen cabinet, allowing dinner plates and bowls to be neatly and vertically stacked. A foldable shelf does the same by creating an extra free-standing shelf. Make even smarter use of the space with the addition of hanging under shelf baskets too. Hang them from the bottom of the shelf above within a kitchen cabinet to store crockery or even cleaning products, whilst still allowing further storage underneath on the bottom of the cabinet. Alternatively create more space for dishes and plates by removing mugs from cupboards and hanging them on a mug tree.

Space Saver Under Shelf Hanging Basket

Maximise Fridge Space

Fitting food in the fridge always seems like a real faff, right? A crammed fridge can lead to food items being shoved to the back and forgotten about, making it trickier to see what you’ve got hiding away in there. Luckily you can use inexpensive and practical clear fridge organisers to store your supplies and to easily see what you’ve got at a glance. Use clear plastic containers to stack items neatly and clearly define separate sections in your fridge. It’s much easier to pull out a whole box, find what you need rather than rooting around. The added bonus of these types of containers makes for easier cleaning – with majority of fridge organisers being dishwasher safe.

Fridge Storage

Create Stylish Countertop Storage

Not everyone has the luxury of a big kitchen, which leads to losing valuable counter space and cluttered open spaces to store household items. Choose stylish storage canisters that look good on display and create a unified aesthetic by sticking to a tonal colour scheme. This industrial retro collection of kitchen storage canisters brings on-trend, vintage charm allowing you to keep your household essentials organised in the most stylish way. Each piece in this collection has been crafted from lightweight metal with a powder coated finish for a classic, retro look and feel. The collection boasts a dishwasher tablet tin, retro sink tidy perfect for storing washing up liquid and sponges and a laundry powder tin with matching scoop. Take the same approach with bread bins and other storage cannisters to keep bread, biscuits, tea and sugar stored away stylishly.

Dishwasher Tablet Storage

Make it Clear & Make it Square

Whilst round storage canisters and containers look great, they don’t always make the best use of cupboard space. Choose rectangular or stackable square storage containers to maximise your cupboard space. Decant staples into clear food storage containers to make it easy to see what’s in your cupboards and to check what’s running low before you go to the supermarket. Always think about how best to store kitchen items before filling each drawer. Stack pans vertically and lids horizontally so that it’s easy to grab the size you need. 

Square Stackable Storage

Use Forgotten Spaces

The back of cabinet doors as well as the sides of lower cabinets are just as useful as actual shelves when it comes to organizing the kitchen, bathroom and other spaces in your home. Hang your most-frequently-used cooking utensils on the back of a cabinet door, instead of cramming them into already-full drawers. Use an over-door rack or affix wire racks to the back of cabinet doors to store baking trays, chopping boards or cleaning supplies. While the sides of lower cabinets are the perfect spot to hang towels or items that are trickier to store like colanders or cutting boards.

Over Door Kitchen Storage

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In-Store Storage Solutions and Items

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