The Camping Equipment Checklist!

Adam WilkinsonApr 16, '21

How are you spending your time ‘away’ this year?

The rise of the staycation and the news of celebs like Jamie Oliver an Posh and Becks taking to their camper vans has brought camping and caravanning holidays more and more into the mainstream in recent years, with more than 13 million Brits going camping every year, wow!

Camping fun with the family? Camping really is the perfect holiday if you’re on a tight budget, simply invest in a tent, a sleeping bag and off you go, set for your outdoor adventure. Kids will love it too, from a family micro adventure in the garden at home to a luxury campsite, it’s a great way to swap screen time for wild time.

It is wonderful for kids to have the chance to be free, have some fun and to get some fresh air away from the constraints of everyday life. Time for the whole family to relax, enjoy each other’s company and be one with nature. The options really are endless from upping the luxury stakes with motorhomes around the country and staying in a converted double-decker bus at Glastonbury festival to pitching up a tent at a static local campsite with your family in tow.

 Camping Collection

So now the clocks have changed, and with the long summer evenings set to soon come our way lets be ready to seize them with both hands and get out there! Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned camper, we have a few tips and a mini camping equipment checklist to help get you started.

Tent & Sleeping Bag

A tent and sleeping are two of the most obvious must have items. They come in lots of sizes, and a good rule of thumb is to aim for a tent that sleeps 1 or 2 people more than you need. A pop-up tent is a good low-cost option, with the main benefit being that they require minimal assembly, literally popping up into shape. They’re best for kids and small groups.

Pop-up tent in orange and dark grey. Only £24!


Tent Pegs & Ground Sheet

You will usually get some with your tent, and the key is not to forget to take them along! Tent pegs (and a mallet to hammer them in with) can protect your tent from being blown away, while a ground sheet will help you keep dry.

Camping Chair

You always need somewhere to sit right?  A folding chair is the ideal camping companion allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the great outdoors. Look out for a padded chair for extra comfort, an easy fold design with carry case and lightweight frame. Some come complete with added storage pockets and drink holders too.

Deluxe Folding Travel Chair. Just £16! 

Outmore Deluxe Folding Travel Chair

Cool Boxes & Backpacks

If you’re far from amenities or wanting to go on hikes or long walks, a cool box or backpack can help keep your food supplies fresh whilst on the go. Whether you're catering for an outdoor picnic or packing cold drinks for your outdoor activities, it’s worth investing in. Waterproof options with added zip compartments are best. Water carries are also advised if you’re far from any facilities.

2-in-1 Cool Bag Seat in dark grey and lime. Only £12!

Outmore Cool Bag Backpack Seat

It will hold everything you need for a picnic, the cooler compartment will keep food fresh while the zipped front pockets are ideal for easy access. The backpack also doubles up as a stool, so you can rest those legs and enjoy the views whilst on the go.

Folding Table

A lightweight folding table gives you somewhere to put your food, drinks and supplies. Some come with detachable tops to convert a table into a stool too.


Make your camping adventure a little more comfortable with an airbed. It’s not a necessity and a simple sleeping bag will do, but an airbed adds just a little bit of luxury to the great outdoors whilst being a practical added extra. Don’t forget to pack a pillow too.

Flocked Air Bed. Single £12, Double £20.

Air Bed

Camping Stove & BBQ

If you are planning on fully cooking and dining alfresco, then taking a quality camping stove or portable BBQ with you to cook your meals on is a must. Don’t forget to take along your pots, pans and cutlery, as well as those all important bin bags so you can get rid of any waste and keep your surroundings (and tent) clean and tidy.

Outmore Portable BBQ


Light up the dark by bringing some camping lanterns and a torch. Ideal for lighting the tent in the evening, and for any night-time trips to the loo to ensure you’re not stumbling back in the dark (don't forget extra batteries!). The torch will also come in useful for those scary stories around the camp fire! Solar string lights are a good alternative option for camping as no special equipment or replacement batteries are needed.

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