Trend Alert! Bring The Outdoors In

Adam WilkinsonJun 17, '21

While the idea of bringing the outdoors in is by no means a new trend, embracing nature and going green has never been so popular and this home interior trend remains on the rise. Bringing botanical elements and natural materials indoors blurs the lines between garden and home, delivering bursts of colour, texture and vibrancy. It’s an easy and sure-fire way to instantly refresh your interior, greenery not only breathes new life into lacklustre spaces, but plants are also proven to improve mood and reduce stress – it really is a win-win! Follow our top tips on how to bring the outdoors in and extend that sunshine and summer feeling inside your home.

Pink & Grey Vases with Flowers



The quickest and easiest way to bring the outdoors in, is through the use of plants and flowers, both real or faux! The addition of greenery to your indoor space will instantly make you feel calmer, purify the air as well as look fantastic. Easy house plants to take care of include succulents, bamboo, cactus, aloe vera, spider plant, peace lily. In terms of trends, parlour palm plants, cheese plants, calatheas and string of pearls are oh so popular right now. Be sure to water your plants regularly and add plant food in the warmer months to help them thrive for longer.

Houseplants in pots on wooden floor

If you’re lacking in the green-fingered department then fake it ‘til you make it! Go for artificial plants, they are maintenance free and will instantly transform your space. You can also keep it fresh and add some lively nature and botanical prints and cushions to your home too, a simple and effective way to achieve that nature inspired look indoors.

Framed Nature Inspired Prints on Wall

How to display plants – the “shelfie”

A little thinking outside the box of where plants can go will transform the overall look and add the wow factor. Think about combining foliage of different sizes, shapes and heights for impact. Don’t be afraid to group your plants together on a shelf or sun-soaked windowsill. Experiment with hanging plants, spikey and leafy as well as wicker, stone, plastic or wooden plant pots to add interest and texture. Be sure to stick to an odd number rule, so 3, 5 and 7, you can always add books, accessories, and framed photos to create an Instagram picture perfect look.

 Plants on a shelf

Natural materials & shades of calm

Add rustic charm by incorporating natural textures such as wood, jute, wicker, rattan and stone into your scheme to add warmth and depth. A touch of brass or copper or oak and pine tones work well, a little will go a long way. From wicker effect laundry baskets and soft neutral tone throws to willow lanterns and seashell decorations, opting for materials inspired by our outdoor spaces will help to add a touch of nature and calm indoors. Rattan is no longer just a garden furniture material, and has now become a staple of living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens where it’s neutral vibes help channel the outside in,  therefore don’t be afraid to incorporate rattan furniture into your indoor living space. Image by M&S.

 Wooden Shelf with Plants On

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