How To: Easter Crafts You’ll Love

Parveen ChandiMar 9, '22

Easter at its core is a Christian holiday cherished and celebrated across the globe. While many celebrate for different reasons, it’s a great time to usher in the spring and get creative with some fun and easy crafts, for adults and kids alike. While dipping, dying and decorating eggs is a holiday staple, show your ‘egg-citement’ with these DIY Easter craft ideas that can double up as adorable home décor perfect for the Easter holiday. Choose from spectacular floral wreaths to egg carton chicks, all full of spring colours and undeniable charm.

Accordion Paper Leaf Easter Wreath

Dress your front door or hang on the wall to bring a touch spring to your interior.

Accordion Easter Leaf Wreath

What you’ll need: Coloured paper in a mix of colours, ruler, scissors, double-sided tape, glue gun, wooden wreath ring, ribbon to hang.

  1. Cut a square of paper and fold in half. Keeping the fold on the left.
  2. Using scissors or a paper knife create a triangle by cutting from the top left corner to the bottom right of the folded paper.
  3. Starting at the bottom of the triangle, fold roughly a ¼ inch (depending on the size of the square), flip over and repeat until you’ve created an accordion all the way to the top.
  4. Fold the accordion folded paper in half and attach the 2 middle pieces together with a strip of double-sided tape to create a leaf shape.
  5. Repeat with different coloured paper and sizes as you wish.
  6. Starting with the larger leaves, glue a few larger leaves to the bottom of the wooden ring in different directions and layer smaller leaves on top.

Top Tip: Embellish with paper flowers, decorative pom poms or add glitter to some of the leaves before attaching to the wooden ring.


Handmade Easter Egg Cut Out Cards

Ideal to add a little personal touch to your gifts this Easter.

Easter Egg Cut Out Cards

What you’ll need: Coloured card, printed paper or artwork of your choice (such as your kids drawings, patterned paper or water colour painting), glue and scissors.

  1. Fold the coloured card in half. Keep the fold on the left.
  2. Cut out an egg shape in the centre of the front of the card.
  3. Insert and glue down your chosen artwork or patterned paper to show through the egg shape.
  4. Embellish as you wish and add your chosen greeting if desired.


Egg Carton Easter Chicks

Perfect to make with the kids as a weekend or half term activity by

Egg Carton Chicks

What you’ll need: Empty egg box, acrylic paint and paint brush, glue, scissors, coloured card, coloured mini feathers (optional).

  1. Cut out 2 egg holders from the empty egg box, and trim off the excess.
  2. Glue 2 pieces together (open sides stacked on top of one another) to form a kind of dome.
  3. Paint in any colour you like and allow to dry. Add some eyes too using black paint too.
  4. Cut out a little diamond shape from the coloured card and fold in half (into a triangle) and glue on to form a beak.
  5. Glue a little feather to the top (optional).


Paper Flowers

Another quick and easy craft idea to enjoy with the kids and would look great as a centre piece for your Easter table or on your Easter cards.

Paper Flowers

What you’ll need: different colour cupcake liners, floral wire, scissors, floral tape, faux floral stamens (available in craft shops).

  1. Fold cupcake liners in half and cut out petal shapes or fringe shapes around the edges.
  2. Fold a piece of floral wire in half and twist around the faux floral stamens.
  3. Poke the wire through the centre of 3 or 4 paper liners. Mix up the colours for impact.
  4. Wrap floral tape around the base of the liners and continue to wrap down the wire to create a stem.


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Paper flowers, wreath and cards images by Mike Garten.