No Gym! Get Active Your Way

Parveen ChandiJan 9, '22

There are many ways busy mums, dads, families, young people, office workers and older adults can build physical activity into their lives. Not everyone has the time or motivation for gruelling gym routines and weighing out everything they eat (who does!) but don’t let this deter you. It’s all about becoming active and doing it your way. Being physically active is easier than you think, especially if you make activity part of your daily routine. The amount of activity you need to do each day depends on many factors including age, but here are some quick wins, tips and ideas (without joining a gym) to adopting a healthier lifestyle to become the best version of you and to get those steps in. 

1. Walk whenever possible. Walk to the shops and walk the children to and from school to increase your step count. Your legs are one of the biggest muscles groups in your body, so increasing use of them will burn more energy to help keep you fitter.


2. Set a specific time for physical activity and stick to it (perhaps in your lunch break). Routine is key.

3. Try splitting activity up throughout the day. Give an intense 10-15-minute workout a go as a quick win.

Joe Wicks 10 Minute Workout

4. Get your mates involved and have some fun with it. After all they say two is company and a great motivator.

5. Yoga is suitable for all ability levels. It combines a series of low impact poses with breathing, and is good for building strength, flexibility, balance and muscle condition for overall fitness.


6. Be active with kids, try swimming or playing a sport in the garden together for at least 30 minutes. PE with Joe Wicks is a great way to for kids and adults to workout together.

7. Let the kids help decide what activity to do. Present them which options which are acceptable to you.

8. Have a home disco in the lounge. Dancing is a great way to get active, burn some calories and have some fun. All you need are some killer tunes and your dancing shoes.

Home Disco

9. Get off at least 1 bus or tube stop before your destination and walk rest of the way. Or park your car further away.

10. If working in an office take the stairs instead of the lift. Every step counts.

11. Family bike rides are a great way to spend some quality time together to help increase your physical activity as well as get some fresh air.

Bike Rides

12. If you’re a little older, try Pilates which focus on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and posture.

13. Invest in home workout fitness equipment, so you can workout while you watch TV. We’re loving this new exercise bike with LCD monitor.

Exercise Bike With LCD Monitor

14. Household chores! Believe it or not, heavier tasks such as vacuuming, washing the car and gardening will help elevate your heart rate and count towards your daily physical activity goal.


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