Tips For Packing Away Christmas

Parveen ChandiJan 3, '22

It’ll soon be that time of year again, the festive cheer will have passed, eating your own body weight in cheese is no longer acceptable and no matter how much you vacuum those pesky pine needles from your shredding Christmas tree, they never seem to disappear. Christmas is a special time of year, but the faff of having to pack away after the festivities are over is not so wonderful. Time spent forcing Christmas trees back into their boxes and wrestling with tangles and tangles of fairy lights is not fun. To avoid hours of detangling and sorting, now is the time to rethink your system with a few top tips to help you pack away Christmas.

1. Identify the items you won’t use again

Broken, faulty or simply past their best, or not to taste, then get rid. Either recycle, donate or throw away. Do not pack away to rediscover them next year.

Donate Christmas Decorations

2. Organise

Sort decorations by room, colour or theme. A fail-safe system to easily help you find what you need. Use stackable plastic storage boxes to store your items in and save space.

Storage Boxes

3. Tangle free fairy lights

You can get specific reels to wrap fairy lights around. Or try a piece of card or tube from the middle of some kitchen roll. Make a cut in each end, put one side of the wire through and then wrap the lights around, and once done put the other side of the wire through the other cut in the other end.

Storing Christmas Lights

4. Storing baubles

Borrow from your kitchen. Use clear food storage bags to separate your baubles by colour and size before placing in your stackable storage containers. An easy little trick to keep things organised.

Storing Christmas Baubles

5. Don’t let the tree box win

Purchase a tree storage box with a zip fastening, rather than battling with the box the tree came in. The tree is going to last years and years so it is worth the investment. Alternatively use an old sheet and wrap around the tree and tie.

Christmas Tree Storage Bag

6. Clearly label containers

Always label your boxes, so you can easily locate everything next year. Channel your inner Dilly Carter from BBC show Sort Out Your Life. Labelling will soon become your next best friend.

Label Storage

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