Declutter & Get Organised

Parveen ChandiDec 27, '21

No matter how clean and tidy you are, it’s too easy for clutter to pile up. So many odds and ends from letters and magazines to old clothes as well as those items you use everyday that never seem to get put away and the clutter can mount up before you know it. Use these easy decluttering tips to help take control from organising your space to design tricks to making everything look and feel more streamlined.

Top Tip: Focus on one room or zone at time so you can divide and conquer.

Donate, Recycle or Throw Away

You don’t need fancy tools to de-clutter but it is time to get ruthless. Label 3 boxes, donate, recycle or throw away. Clear out the cupboards and start filling up the boxes. If you’ve not used an item in 12 months think long and hard about whether you need it anymore. Donate unwanted items so they can find a new home.  

Donate Old Clothes

Expand cabinet space

Make the most of cabinet space, by using over the door storage racks ideal to store chopping board and baking trays in kitchen cupboards as well as cleaning supplies. Space saving shelves that sit neatly in your kitchen cupboards work a treat too and give you extra free-standing shelf space. Under shelf baskets to hang from the bottom of the shelf above will provide you with an extra shelf in an instant.

Over door storage

Invest in below the bed

If you’re tight on cupboard space, under the bed storage will increase your space quickly. Store out of season clothes, or accessories in under bed storage boxes or vacuum storage bags.

Underbed Storage

Hang hooks

Don’t let a lack of cabinet space be the reason your home becomes cluttered. Hooks are handy for hanging bath towels, robes, PJs as well as pots and pans in the kitchen. Invest in hooks in a particular style or colour, to make them a stylish part of your décor.

Bathroom Towel Hooks

Make use of wall space and unused corners

There is always a nook or cranny with storage potential. Corners in kitchens should never be ignored. They provide a sneaky space to display crockery, jars and spices. Add shelves above a bed to give you more space. Use storage trays to keep items organised, streamlined and stylish. Take a look at our shelf etiquette guide to help you combine style and function for perfect looking shelves.

Kitchen Shelves

Detangle cords and cables

Between charges, lamps and laptop wires, your desk area can quickly become cluttered. Use cable tidies to help organise unsightly wires.

Cable Tidy

Hide Lists

A to do list or shopping list is an sure-fire way to stay on top of things but lists hanging on fridges or pin boards littered with menus and post-it notes can look messy. Try painting the inside of a cupboard in chalk paint to keep things organised and out of sight.

Blackboard Inside Cupboard

Opt for stylish storage

Storage can be more than plastic boxes. There are plenty of stylish options from rattan and jute baskets to free standing and contemporary shelving units that can double up as décor and extend you style. We are loving this gorgeous shoe storage cabinet for only £69.

Laundry & Storage Baskets

Top Tip: Laundry and storage baskets can be used to stylishly store toys and toiletries without compromising on style


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