Lemon & Parsley Chicken Goujons

Adam WilkinsonSep 7, '22

A family recipe is a precious thing. Memories are made around kitchen tables, with the smells and flavours of food conjuring up evocative thoughts of happy times spent with parents, grandparents and siblings too.

This recipe is a favourite of my father's. He’s been cooking it for over 25 years and I’ve made it several times over the years, always to his notes, most importantly with great end results. Now the secret is out!

Tried and tested have a go at this, you may tweak it and make it your own, but at its heart is a delicious way of cooking chicken that is sure to resound in the sounds of gastronomic pleasure by all that taste it!

Grab your ingredients, head to your kitchen and prepare to enjoy this delightful chicken dinner!

Lemon & Parsley Chicken Goujons



  • Fine breadcrumbs (1 bag)
  • 2 Cloves of garlic
  • Salt & pepper to season
  • Bunch of flat leaved parsley
  • Lemon
  • Chicken breasts
  • 2 Eggs
  • Plain flour
  • Vegetable oil for cooking
  • Mayonnaise


Chicken goujon preparation

  1. Beat 2 eggs together with a fork until well mixed
  2. Add the beaten eggs to a broad dish (this will be used as a dipping bowl for coating the chicken)
  3. Add salt & pepper to some plain flour – season the flour well
  4. Put the seasoned flour onto a large plate (for pre-coating)
  5. Finely chop the parsley and add to the breadcrumbs in a mixing bowl
  6. Finely zest the lemon and add this zest to the breadcrumb mix and mix well
  7. Retain the zested lemon, this will be used later
  8. Cut the chicken into goujon strips, check for large sinew and cut-out if necessary


Coating The Chicken

Coating chicken goujons

Have all the uncoated goujons on a plate. One by one roll these in the seasoned flour, tap off any excess, then add to a third plate. Dip each goujon into the egg mix thoroughly, allow excess to drip back into the bowl. From here roll each goujon in the breadcrumb mix until coated evenly. Add these fully bread-crumbed goujons to a final plate ready to be cooked.



 Cooking chicken goujons

In a deep but not overly large frying pan pour enough vegetable oil to ¼ inch/half cm to be used to shallow fry the goujons. Have the hob on a high heat, but not full e.g. 8/10 setting. Allow a little smoke to appear on the oil to show it’s up to temperature. Test with one goujon, cook it for 2 minutes on this high heat on one side, turn over and repeat then turn down to about 5 or 6 (10 being max. heat) cooking for a further 2 minutes – approx. 6 minutes cooking time in total. Goujons should be golden brown, always ensure the chicken is cooked through. Once you are happy with this first tester add more goujon strips to the pan, repeating with a larger batch until all are cooked.


Dipping sauce

Lemon mayonnaise

Add some mayonnaise to a bowl, half the zested lemon and squeeze in some of the juice, stir for a simple dip.



Serving chicken goujons

Squeeze the halved lemon over all the goujons, or give each diner a slice or two so they can add to their taste. If feeding more than one it’s best to put the goujons in a serving dish, alongside the sauce so diners can help themselves. Just make sure you keep a count of who’s had what, as someone is bound to leap ahead of their share with chicken this good!


Top Tips

  • Remove sinew from the chicken fillets with a good knife during prep
  • Prepare more than you need of the recipe, as you’ll certainly want more!
  • Freeze or refrigerate the extra quantity to enjoy later
  • Always safely reheat chicken – ensure it’s steaming hot throughout
  • Cook in an air-fryer for a healthier alternative to frying and save on energy too


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