How To: Store Garden Items In Winter

Parveen ChandiAug 31, '22

As the weather starts to turn and the colder months draw in, there a few last jobs you’ll need to get done before letting your garden look after itself for a few months. A final mow of the grass, trimming hedges as well as protecting and storing your garden furniture from the harsher weather. A little bit of extra prep to keep your garden essentials warm, dry and well-cared for will save you work, time and money later, ensuring you’ll be ready when next summer comes around.

Garden Cushions & Seat Pads

Even if you have to keep your garden furniture outside, it’s a good idea to store cushions and seat pads somewhere warm and dry. Cold and damp can cause mould to form and damage your cushions. Waterproof and robust garden cushion storage boxes are perfect for storing such items as cushions, seat pads, outdoor games and wellies. 

Strata Garden Cushion Storage Box 322L


Fire up your BBQ for one last time before you intend to pack it away for winter, heating it for 15-20 minutes will make it easier to clean. Use a wire brush and soapy water to thoroughly clean the grill. Clean the outside with soapy water too, thoroughly dry and remove any soap residue. Then use a protective cover to prevent rust and flaking during winter.  

Parasols & Umbrellas

Don’t let mould build up on your garden parasol, keep it looking fresh and beautiful all year round with an umbrella cover protector. Made with durable material and lining to ensure no water, dust or debris will seep through. We’re loving this waterproof parasol cover for just £20, saving you 60% vs. the RRP. Complete with zip fastening to take on and off with ease.

Garden Parasol Cover

Plastic Garden Furniture

Plastic furniture ideally needs to be put away in a shed or garage for winter, away from heavy frost and snow. Plastic can crack in freezing cold weather, so best to keep it indoors to prevent having to replace it in the spring. Plastic or metal swing chairs can be covered using heavy duty swing chair covers.

Garden Tools

Prevent rust and damage to your garden tools, clean and then store them somewhere dry but within reach should you need them during winter, ideally in the shed or garage. Use heavy duty stackable storage boxes too, to help save space in your garden or shed. 

Garden Tools

Iron Garden Furniture

Cast iron is particularly heavy to move so storing in a shed may not be an option but be sure to cover with a fitted garden furniture cover. Metal is durable but does need attention to avoid rust setting in. Take a look at our How To: Care For Your Garden Furniture Guide to keep your metal furniture looking its best.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Clean your wooden furniture with hot soapy water, dry and finish off with a coat of wood oil to help preserve it. Cover for winter with a fitted garden furniture cover or heavy tarpaulin.

 Wooden Garden Furniture

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