Tips For Packing Lighter

Parveen ChandiApr 27, '22

Let’s face it, packing is hard. Days of agonising over every single item, and the dread of not packing enough, and packing for the “what if” moments that never seem to happen. We’re all guilty of squeezing everything into a bag, then not using half of it, and struggling to re-pack it all when it’s time to come home. It’s safe to say, people underestimate the value of packing well. Learning how to pack better will not only maximise your suitcase space but minimise the stress of packing to make your holiday a whole lot more enjoyable. Packing lightweight is a mindset, so here are our top 13 secrets that will make your travel experience less stressful.

Also take a look at our helpful holiday checklist to tick off as you go!

Happy couple in sunshine on holiday

1. Make a list, and check it twice. Remove nice to have items and extras

2. Start with a carry on (to get comfortable with less space), up-size only if needed

3. Pack the holiday must haves, and not just in case, "what if" items

4. Pack just enough items for 1 week, and re-wear clothes

5. Lay out all your items so you can see everything together, and let the process of elimination begin to remove the items you don't need

Packing suitcase

6. Avoid bulky items, instead pack items you can layer up. Mix and match with lightweight fabrics is key

7. Pack more tops (and one-pieces dresses) than bottoms to refresh your look

8. Never pack more than 3 pairs of shoes (evening pair, pair for the day and flip-flops)

9. Use packing organisers or packing cubes

10. Minimize your accessories. Limit to 3 items that will go will a variety of outfits

11. Avoid packing full size bottles and toiletries

12. Avoid packing unnecessary electronics, just the essentials

13. Wear your bulkier items when travelling (shoes and jackets) to save room and weight in your bag


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