How To: Easy & Unique Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Parveen ChandiDec 8, '21

The perfectly wrapped present can add to the excitement of the festive season and you can always tell who’s given which present by the quality of the wrapping, right? On one hand you have those presents with the perfect folded edges and elaborately tied bows and then on the other those that are barely being held together with the last of the Sellotape and some scrunched up paper. Although it’s the thought that counts, that extra effort seems to add a little festive sparkle. So why not flex your creative muscles this season with some original Christmas wrapping ideas. We've rounded up 4 of our favourites so you can wrap presents like a pro.

Paper Animals

Cute, festive and ideal for kids.

What you’ll need: Large sheets of thin coloured paper, scissors, tape, glue, black marker pen. circle punch (optional). 

Paper Animals Gift Wrapping

To Make A Bear:

  1. Wrap a boxed gift with black coloured paper.
  2. Cut out a large grey circle to make a snout and glue in the centre of the covered box. Cut a smaller oval shape from black paper for the nose. Glue it to the top of the snout circle. Draw a mouth under the nose with a black marker pen
  3. Cut out 2 medium size circles for the ears, and 2 smaller circles from either white or pink paper and glue to the bottom of the black circle cut out for the ears.
  4. Fold a small portion of the bottom of the ear circles together back under the ear to make a flap for the ear to glued down. Glue the ears down on top of the box.
  5. Cut out small grey circles for the eyes. Glue above the nose and evenly spaced.
  6. Finish with a little bow (cut off the ends) and glue to the bottom of the box under the large grey snout circle.


Natural Festive Toppers

Seasonal with rustic charm.

What you’ll need: Brown paper, twine and a mix of seasonal sprigs, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, holly, dried orange slices and berries.

Natural Rustic Present Topper Ideas

How To Make:

  1. Wrap your gifts with the brown paper.
  2. Tie around the twine of your choice.
  3. Attach a selection of the organic seasonal items. Use glue if required.

Top Tip: For an added festive feel, add a little gold leaf, glitter or spray snow to your seasonal items before attaching.


Emoji Faces

Add a bit of comedy to your presents.

What you’ll need: Yellow paper, black, white, red, pink and/or light blue coloured card, double sided tape (or glue, or glue dots).

Top Tip: Find the emoji you want to make online, hold a piece of tracing paper up to the screen and trace the different shapes, cut out and then use as a template to cut those shapes from the coloured card.

Emoji Faces Gift Wrapping

To Make A Shocked Face Emoji:

  1. Wrap your gifts in yellow paper (for ease, put gifts in boxes and then wrap).
  2. Cut out 2 large circles from white card and 2 smaller circles from black card to form the eyes.
  3. Glue the black circles to the centre of the white circles.
  4. Cute out a rectangle with rounded edges from black card for the mouth.
  5. Glue the eye circles to the top of the box and the mouth to the bottom of the box to form your emoji face (you’ll have to judge the spacing).


Tulle Fluffy Toppers

Maximum whimsy, colour and impact.

What you’ll need: Assorted fluffy pom poms, ribbon, green card, scissors and glue.

Top Tip: Stick to a colour theme of 2 of 3 complimenting colours.

Fluffy Pom Pom Present Toppers

To Make A Holly Pom Pom Topper:

  1. Wrap your gifts in your chosen gift wrap.
  2. Cut out 2 holly shapes from the green card and glue 1 edge from 1 of the holly shapes to the edge of the other. Ensure the entire holly shapes are not overlapping, just the edge.
  3. Attach the holly to one corner of your wrapped gift.
  4. Glue on 3 small red pom poms to the edge of the touching holly shapes.

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