How To: Make Christmas Cards

Parveen ChandiDec 6, '21

Put a personal touch into your festive greetings this year. These do-it-yourself Christmas cards are easy to make with high impact. No two are exactly alike, and each one shows the extra bit of effort you put into making them. No matter your crafting skills, we’ve rounded up some simple and pretty designs you can make at home, on your own or with the kids. A lovely way to spread some festive cheer and to get creative.  

Button Snowman Card

Equipment: Card, white buttons, ribbon, stamp set or coloured pens and glue.

Snowman Card

  1. Fold the card in half to form a greeting card.
  2. Stamp on a design to the front or use coloured pens to write a greeting message at the top.
  3. At the base, glue on 3 buttons one above the other to form a snowman.
  4. Cut a little square and rectangle of black card and glue on to the top button to form a hat.
  5. Add embellishment, like gems or glitter to replicate snow if you wish.
  6. Tie a bow with the ribbon and glue on to the top of the card above the greeting message.

By Scrappin With Dee Dee


Finger-paint Tree Card

Highly effective and easy to make with the Kids.

Equipment: Card, black marker pen, paint and a ruler.

Finger-paint Christmas Tree Card                                  

  1. Fold the card in half to form a greeting card.
  2. Write a greeting message at the very bottom of the card or use a stamp.
  3. Draw a vertical line using the marker pen in the centre of the card leaving some white space at the top and above the greeting message.
  4. Draw 4 or 5 evenly space horizontal lines, each 0.5cm to 1cm smaller than the last.
  5. Dip your fingertips in the paint and decorate each line. Use a mix of festive colours.

By MerMag 


Christmas Wreath Card

Equipment: White card, mixed decorative card, glue, sequins

Christmas Wreath Card 

  1. Cut out a circular ring using the white card to form the base of the wreath.
  2. Cut out circles from the decorative card, choosing a mix of 5-6 patterns. You’ll need 7-8 larger circles, 7-8 medium circles and 4 small circles (depending of the size of the card ring).
  3. Arrange the larger circles around the ring and glue.
  4. Continue with the medium circles, then the smaller circles until the ring is covered. The circles should be overlapping to create a layered effect.
  5. Finally glue on the sequins (evenly spaced) for embellishment (or use glitter snowflakes).
  6. Take a piece of card and fold in half to form the base of your greeting card. Ensure it is larger than your wreath.
  7. Fix the layered wreath to the centre of the card to create your Christmas card



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