Beldray Arctic Dome

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Measuring approx. 19 x 15 x 19 cm, the Beldray Arctic Dome personal space cooler is a compact way to achieve immediate cooling. With 4 freezable integrated ice rings for use in pairs, the Arctic Dome draws in warm air, pushes it through the unit, and releases cooled air out with a choice of 3 speeds. The 10 W device is supplied with a USB cable and adaptor for convenient power options, and also has red and blue LED mood lights, plus an aromatherapy box for use with essential oils (not included).

Use the Beldray Arctic Dome to bring immediate cooling relief on hot days to personal spaces, with freezable rings and LED mood lights.
Integrated cooling rings can be frozen and placed into the unit in pairs, offering enhanced cooling whilst remaining lightweight.
The Arctic Dome features 2 LED colour options of red or blue, allowing you to select the appropriate mood lighting for your personal space.
With an aromatherapy box and 5 diffusion pads, you can circulate the scent of your favourite essential oil (not included) with ease.
Ideal for use in personal spaces where direct cooling may be required such as office desks, bedside tables, kitchen worktops and more.

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