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Take your taste buds on an adventure every morning with a delicious slice of toast that prepares you for an even bigger journey ahead. Pairing a brushed stainless steel with a sophisticated statement black, the Adventure Toaster fits perfectly into any kitchen – so you can always enjoy your breakfast in style. With 4 wide slots, this toaster not only lets you toast a variety of breads but also accommodates the whole family. So sit down and escape the world for a moment and enjoy a delicious breakfast with your little ones and enjoy sharing stories of your week while devouring slices of toast like real explorers.

Variable browning
Just like with your choice of bread, everyone likes their toast done a little differently. Whether it’s that lightly toasted squashy bread your little ones love or a crunchy golden bagel smothered in cream cheese, however tanned you like your toast should be up to you. That’s why we’ve designed the Adventure Toaster to have a variable browning control which lets you decide just how much crunch you’d like to your toast.

Lift and Look feature
Sometimes you just can’t help but sneak a peek at how your toast is getting on but it can be a real chore having to cancel the cycle for a quick look. That’s why with the Adventure Toaster this problem is a thing of the past. With a Lift and Look feature designed to bring ease to your life and protect your fingertips, you can now simply lift up your toast, check on how it’s toasting and put it back down without even having to cancel the cycle. Now you can always enjoy your toast just to your tasting with minimal fuss.

4 wide slots
The Adventure Toaster comes with 4 wide slots ready to take on a variety of different breads. Whether it’s a chunky slice cut from a thick and crusty loaf, a delicious breakfast bagel or even a crunchy crumpet, you can enjoy whatever style of bread you fancy with the Adventure Toaster. And best of all, with 4 slots this toaster is perfect for making breakfast for the whole family as like for many of the famous explorers of the past, these precious moments are rare.
Removable crumb tray
Designed to collect all of the crumbs that usually escape on to the kitchen counter, the Adventure Toaster’s removable crumb tray is a real helping hand in the kitchen. Bringing ease to your life, the removable crumb tray takes care of the cleaning so you don’t have to. Simply remove the tray from the toaster and empty the crumbs straight into the bin with no fuss.

Frozen feature
Enjoy a delicious slice of crunchy toast in a matter of minutes straight from frozen. The Adventure Toasters frozen feature is the perfect solution for those of you who like to keep your bread in the freezer. Simply grab a slice of bread every morning and pop it straight into your toaster and click the defrost button.

Independent 2 slice operation
With a 2 slice operation the Adventure Toaster is perfect for making breakfast for the whole family. You can use one side to make slices of toast for your eager little ones waiting at the breakfast table and start the other side a little later for your partner whose in need of that rare lie in.

Product Features:
• Brushed Stainless Steel
• 4 Slice Toaster
• Extra wide slots
• Variable browning
• Frozen feature
• Cancel setting
• Independent 2 slice operation
• Removable Crumb Trays
• Lift and Look feature

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