Star Wars The Bounty Collection The Child

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  • The child: fans love the character they call Baby Yoda and now they can add it to their Star Wars collection
  • Authentic style for the Disney Plus series: the child figures from the Star Wars The Bounty Collection are as cute as the pop culture Ph nomen from the Disney Plus streaming series The Mandalorian
  • 3 different packs of 2: there are 3 different packs of 2 with fun poses to collect, such as Baby Yoda when sipping soup and with blanket, with bait pose and ball, with frog snack and in a power pose (each sold separately)
  • Collectable figures: with the child 2-pack from the Star Wars The Bounty Collection, kids can build a collection, swap figures with friends, give them as a gift or add to an existing Star Wars collection

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