Modern Slavery Statement


Established in 1969, tofs is the original off-price retailer, bringing the UK quality brands at discount prices.

With over 200 stores nationwide, we bring our customers big brands up to 70% off across multiple departments including fashion, beauty, home & more. We are proud to be part of local communities and with our unique personality and outstanding customer service; we are constantly providing our customers with more than they bargained for. Now owned by private equity company Duke Street, we employ almost 3,000 people, and have an annual turnover in excess of £200 million.

Our Supply Chain:

At tofs we manufacture our own branded products across many departments (clothing, footwear, electrical, toys and general merchandise) from 220 suppliers, in 12 countries worldwide. We also supply a wide range of branded goods within our clothing, footwear, home and living ranges, sourced from branded suppliers.

Due Diligence/Ethical Policies:

At tofs we are committed to ensuring that our goods are sourced and manufactured ethically. We have policies in place that underpin our buying processes and are communicated to and are signed by all of our suppliers. These policies outline our belief in striving to create an open and honest working environment. We have an Ethical Trading Policy in place, which highlights our Ethical Trading Code and must be adhered to by all suppliers. We also have an Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption policy in place. We are taking instrumental steps to a deeper focus into our supply base to ensure that all factories are ethically audited and approved in line with the ETI base code. Our recent investment in Adjuno Supplier Set up and Ethical platforms will allow us visibility of the whole supply chain, including vendor, supplier and factory (owned, financial interest and sub contracted) and will capture the ethical audit status along with Corrective Actions as applicable. An exit strategy will also be in place, to be utilised for any non-conforming factories. The supply base will be reviewed periodically to ensure we have the correct ethical supply chain to help us to grow appropriately as a business. Our key focus will initially be on Far Eastern clothing suppliers and factories based on the level of risk to the business due to geographies of the manufacturing base. In order to ensure that our colleagues are operating in a fair and trusted environment, we have policies in place that are readily available for review and are regularly checked by HR to ensure adherence:

  • Anti bribery policy
  • Bullying & Harassment policy
  • Equality & Diversity policy
  • Whistleblowing policy

Steps taken to assess and manage risk:

  • Invested in a new system, Liberty (Adjuno) to give visibility of the total supply chain.
  • Ethical auditing – All factories to be audited, either existing accredited audit or must obtain an audit. Failures to be corrected with Corrective action plans in place, if corrections are not possible, exit strategy will be required.
  • Ethical and Process audit paperwork in place which clearly outline tofs requirements.
  • All suppliers are given a copy of the tofs Ethical Trading Policy and must sign and return it prior to business being placed.

Continual Improvement:

At tofs we are committed to continual improvement in all that we do and recognise that we are at the start of a very exciting journey. Our 5yr supplier management plan will enable us to manage our supply base effectively and appropriately to ensure that we have the right suppliers for our business that supply exciting products for our customers, sourced and manufactured within ethically sound environments. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with key suppliers/factories ensuring our strategies are aligned. This statement has been reviewed and approved by the tofs board and Duke Street board and will be reviewed and updated annually.

Emma Fox, tofs CEO