Black and Decker 24hr Timer 6.5L Water Tank WiFi Dehumidifier

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This high-performance dehumidifier from BLACK+DECKER effectively eliminates damp, removes excess moisture in the air and prevents mould forming to promote healthier humidity around the home.The large 6.5L water tank can extract up to 20 litres of moisture a day in temperatures between 5 and 32C, preventing condensation in large rooms around the home or office with excess water and poor air circulation. Choose between 4 function modes to tackle evaporating moisture in the air: protect your home with powerful dehumidifying; set to continuously extract moisture from the environment; dry clothes faster and more effectively; a carbon active filter removes particles and gases for clean air. Set your desired humidity level between 30-80% by increments of 5% via the touch panel. The dehumidifier is energy efficient and consumes a low amount of power, with a 24-hour auto-off timer to save energy and minimise running costs. When the water tank reaches full capacity, the unit shuts off to prevent spillages.

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