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Hairshark Pro Backcomber is the first brush of its kind to offer both volume, through natural boar bristles that give your hair a positive charge and a long-lasting 24hr hold, and smooth, nest-busting shine through patented shark-shaped fins that introduce a level of negative charge, leaving your hair still packed with volume but smooth and shiny.

Designed by top hair professionals and celebrated in salons and on catwalks everywhere, Hairshark Pro Backcomber is taking the business of backcombed volume and style into the future of hair styling for everyone. Now you can get that perfect, long-lasting volume and height, without the birds-nest mess and collapsing hair that traditional home-backcombing used to mean, all in one perfect pro backcombing tool.

Hairshark Pro Backcomber is the first brush to contain both bristles and specially designed fins to make the ultimate backcomber. Using natural boar bristles to avoid damaging your hair means that you can work your style as big and as hard as you like and you won't snap, tear or split your hair. But, as everybody who has ever tried to backcomb their own hair knows, that's just half the story. Once you have height and volume, you're usually left with a dry, scratty birds-nest of tangled and kinked locks that need taming before you can go out. That's where the clever 'shark-fin' side of the Hairshark comes into its own. Running the expertly-placed fins through the upper layer of hair leaves you with a perfect style that's smooth, sleek and looks salon-created but hasn't cost you any of the height, volume or body you worked so hard to achieve.

The natural boar bristles give your hair a positive static charge, this is what keeps each hair as far from the hair next to it as possible, making it stand up and hold its shape. It's this positive static charge that builds salon-quality 24hr volume and height that lasts all day and all night. The negative static charge created by passing the fins through your outer layers of hair means that those hairs fall beautifully together, lining up with a smooth, shiny, sleek finish and giving you a finished result that's all about volume and styling, and a look that nobody will ever believe you created yourself!

The handle of Hairshark is as easy on the eye as it is in the hand. Shaped into the ideal parting tool for sectioning areas of hair and lifting locks out of the way, it makes Hairshark the ultimate 3D hair tool for pro backcombing at home! All new backcombing technique 24hr volume, no nest, no mess! Patented bristle and fin combination Anti-static technology Positively-charged natural bristles for longer-lasting volume This is not a toy. Keep out of the reach of children. This product contains a sharp point. PLEASE NOTE: Due to health and hygiene reasons this product is non-returnable.

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