JML Handy Brite Floodlight


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JML Handy Brite work light is designed to let you light up even the tightest of spaces. It's perfect for places where you need light and doesn't have power. Use Handy Brite to light up a dark pantry or closet, or under the sink making it easier to see. It's great for that dimly lit basement or attic. Made from ultra-bright COB LEDs to provide bright light. The unique stand-up design lets you work hands-free. This portable light with a lightweight and compact design allows carrying and storing it easy. Use it to brighten up the garage or the tool shed. The bright light it gives out could be essential if you need to see in an area where there are no streetlights or power sockets. Handy Brite is also great for emergencies, keep one in the car so it's always ready when you need a bright light on dark days.

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