Landmann Rexon Flexx 2.0 Gas BBQ Black

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Product Highlights

  • 2 x 3.7kW adjustable stainless steel burners with automatic ignition; allows the chef to alter the cooking speed & temperature.
  • 3-piece modular cast-iron cooking grill.
  • 2 foldable side shelves. This makes the BBQ easy to store out of the way in a garage or garden shed when not being used. When in use, the side shelves can be folded down & used to keep food, cooking utensils or condiments within easy reach.
  • Enamel-coated steel warming rack; ideal for keeping food warm before eating. Especially useful when letting meat rest after being cooked.
  • Enamel-coated steel flame tamers. These helps distribute heat evenly across the grill. They also act to protect food from getting burnt (If fat drips down onto the burners during the cooking process, flames can flare up burning food). They can also help prevent damage to the BBQs burners.
  • The hood has a built-in thermometer to monitor the cooking temperature; the hood helps retain heat during cooking, especially useful when cooking indirectly.
  • The BBQ is mounted on 2 wheels for easy mobility & transportation.

Product Description

A high quality, 2 burner gas barbecue that is ideal for entertaining small to medium sized gatherings of friends & family.
Packed with features that enable the chef to cook a wide range of food & be the ideal host.
With 2 adjustable stainless steel burners and a 3-piece modular cooking grill, offering an even heat distribution. The double-skinned hood retains also helps to retain heat when cooking.
The Rexon FlexX 2 burner has 2 legs and wheels for easy transport and foldable shelves for ease of storing.

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