Tower VL45 Pro Pet Anti Tangle Vacuum

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Effortlessly achieve a more efficient and deeper clean around the home with the VL45 Pro Pet 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner. Its powerful built-in rechargeable battery delivers 35 minutes of continuous run time from a single 4 hour charge for hassle-free cleaning.

Use as a cordless vacuum for carpets and hard floors, a detachable handheld for cars, stairs and upholstery or extend the pole for higher hard-to-reach areas like ceilings and curtains. The cyclonic suction provides consistent airflow, effortlessly sucking up and breaking down dirt from all floor types for a thorough clean. Its ultra-efficient motorised floor head agitates dust and dirt leaving carpets and hard floors clean and fresh.

The turbo pet and upholstery brush head effortlessly picks up deeply embedded pet hair so you get a more efficient and deeper clean around the home, while the Anti-tangle function on the brush head ensures no more messy hair wind up on the brush.

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