How To: Decorate Your Home with Artificial Plants

Parveen ChandiFeb 22, '22

Embrace fresh and natural vibes in your home by inviting the outdoors in. Artificial plants and stems are a sure-fire way to instantly refresh your interior and add a splash of colour. You don’t need to be green fingered to be an artificial plant parent, instead you can fake it to make it. Plus artificial plants are easy to look after, totally unkillable and available in a range of species, styles and sizes. We’re complete faux foliage converts! Here are a few of our tips and suggestions on how to decorate your home with artificial plants and stems.

 Artificial Plants In Natural Baskets

Succulents & Trailing Plants

Succulents are charming and perfect for adding pops of greenery to any area of your home. They look great in bathrooms, home offices, and on desks. They look just as great displayed on shelves and make cute little statements on coffee tables and windowsills. The best thing is you can move them around your house as you change your décor. Trailing plants on the other-hand are great for adding height with their long draping stems, and look fab on a shelf or in a hanging plant pot, both indoor and out.

 Artificial Plants In Kitchen

Faux Flowers

Artificial flowers continue to grow in popularity, they’re cost effective and add instant decoration to a room. Add to jugs and vases of all shapes, colours and sizes and place around your home. Perfect for a kitchen counter, fireplace or mantel. Trim the stems to fit the jug or vase.

Artificial Flowers & Stems In Jars

Alternatively, flower walls are all the rage right now too. Create your own floral wall hanging using a cork board:

  1. Choose your flowers and cut off the stems so you’re left with just the heads.
  2. Glue each flower to the cork board. Cover the entire board, making sure there are no gaps.

Top Tip: Choose flowers in complimenting colours and sizes. We love peonies and roses together.

Floral Wall Hanging

Displaying Your Plants - #Shelfie

Picture perfect Instagram shelf displays are totally on trend right now, so don’t be afraid to group your plants together on a shelf or windowsill. Experiment with hanging plants, spikey and leafy as well as wicker, stone, plastic or wooden plant pots to add interest and texture. Be sure to stick to an odd number rule, so 3, 5 and 7. You can always add books, accessories, wall art and framed photos to create a stunning look. Copper works well with foliage, so try a copper shelf with succulents for a modern on trend look.

 Plants & Home Accessories Displayed On A Shelf

Place In Natural Light & Dust Often

An easy way to pass off your fake plants as real is by putting them in areas around your home where you would naturally put a real plant. Pick areas such as windows and doorways with natural sunlight, no one will know the difference. Remember to dust your fake foliage often to keep them looking fresh, as with any home accessory, dust and dirt will build up over-time. Or for a deep clean use warm soapy water, rinse off and dry.

 Faux Potted Plants In Sunlight

Put Them Outside

Artificial plants are not just for inside your home, they can also be a great addition to your outdoor space to liven up a patio, balcony or porch. Solar succulent artificial plants are perfect to add some light after dark or outdoor solar topiary balls look great hanging either side of your front or back doors.

 Artificial Topiary Balls

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